Jeremy Berman Put-in-Bay
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 Jeremy Berman Put-in-Bay

About Me


Jeremy Berman Put-in-Bay is a Findlay, Ohio-based healthcare provider. He is a co-owner of Findlay American ProsthFetic – Orthotic Centre, Inc. and a practitioner. The firm provides rehabilitative services to persons with impairments. He is also a certified prosthetist and orthotist (C.P.O.).

As a practitioner, he assists clients who have lost limbs or are experiencing limb instability in regaining as much movement and function as possible. He performs this service since he is passionate about assisting others.

Berman has a number of credentials. A Prosthetic Practitioner, Orthotic Practitioner, or Pedorthotic Provider are all examples of this. He use his abilities to assist those who are experiencing serious obstacles in their lives as a result of accidents, sickness, or other forms of impairment.

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